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Tomoe Doumani

Attended ECCAD from 1989 - 1993

Graduated with BFA from Concordia University 1996

Born November 15, 1965 as James Morrison to Ojibway parents, and was a

member of the Rat Portage Band in Kenora, Ontario. He died unexpectanly

July 26, 1997 of a genetic heart disease. The autopsy report called it

ideopathic hypotrphic cardio myopathy. He has biological siblings who

should know about his death and their risk.

Artistic Statement:

I am interested in portraying as the means by which we communicate,

without the spoken word. This stems from my issues with identity. I

was raised and conditioned within a French/Irish family while remaining

a full-blooded Indian. This mixed upbringing has impacted my life

creating a duality within myself. I also had to learn to speak English

before I could enter the school system. The difficulty I have had with

verbal communication encourages me to understand body language and


I am not interested in portraying the specific identity of an

individual, rather I am compelled to sybolize the collective. My

earlier work concentrated on the hands in various positions, creating

meaing. As I continue d my investigations I began to include more of

the body and its mannerisms. I have also introduced the mirror as a

framing device, confining the figure to a limited territory.

The piece CLOSER/CLOSURE is a move towards expressing tow figures

without an elaborate context, while juxtaposing each singularly against

their combined presence. I have represented them in similar poses to

enhance both their differences and their commonalities.


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