'The Watchmen'
Acrylic on Canvas
24"x18"x 1-1/2"

$1500.00 CDN

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Artist Statement:

It is common to find one of four Watchmen atop a house frontal Totem Pole. Mainly representative of the Northern Tribes, there are generally three Watchmen depicted on a Pole carved in a crouching position. These figures each wear high crowned hats that usually have two or more rings carved into them representing the status of the Chief whose house they guard.

The Watchmen are known to have supernatural powers, and from their position they look out in several directions to keep watch over the village and out to sea. They protect those within the dwelling by warning the Chief of any approaching danger.

Argillite Box
Acrylic on Board
48" x 48"


"Joining of two Clans"

"Split Thunderbird"

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"Bear "
Todd Jason Baker
4'x4' acrylic on wood $5000 





"Study of the Moon"

"Study of a Mask"
18" X 36" Acrylic on Canvas, 1998

2500 cdn

Painting in Progress 
"The legend of the dolphins",  
5' x 8' acrylic on canvas 
dolphins body consist of a full native human, male and female. 

 A dolphin legend of shumashu
Long time ago, the creator built a rainbow bridge for people of an island to come over to the main land.
Then the creator told them not to look below when crossing
the bridge or they they will fall, however, many people looked 
below and fell.
the creator made those people who fell into dolphins.

Red Snapper Acrylic on canvas



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