m  i  s  c  e  l  l  a  n  e  o  u  s    w  o  r  k  s

Beaver Doorknob
Don Yeomans (Haida)
Bronze edition of 25

Dragon Blanket/Hanging
Don and Trace Yeomans (Haida)

Cashmere wool and Ultrasuede 
56" X 54"

Moon Bronze
Tom Eneas (Salish)
Cast bronze edition
21 1/2" X 7"

Eyes of the Mind 
Robert Davidson (Haida)
Cast Bronze (6/12) 
12" X 10" X 7" 



Thunderbird and Killerwhale Sculpture
Gary Minaker-Russ (Haida)

Hand carved argillite
9" X 6" X 2 3/4" 


Crab of the Woods 
Robert Davidson (Haida)
Cast Bronze (11/12) 
15 1/2" X 14" X 10" 



August 1998
Joe Baker:

Bandolier Bag
Czech glass beads, trade cloth, ribbon bindings
approximately 32" x 21"

"This bag has a ribbon work binding. The cardinals are a reference to home for me. I've always been watchful and aware of the cardinals presence in the landscape and what I've always enjoyed seeing is that great sort of streak of red that can move across a green environment. It's really quite exquisite. Cardinals are used a lot in the visual imagery that I utilize in painting and drawing. The bilateral symmetry and the color use from dark to light is common in traditional Delaware work."


Title: Royal Family Crest (2000)
Artist: Wade Baker (Kwakwaka'wakw)
Edition: 50
Size: 30 x 38"


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minneapolis-8.jpg (78768 bytes)

  Norval Morrisseau Show 

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Title: Haida Gwaii Killer Whale
Artist: Alvin Child (Haida)
Edition: 160
Size: 21.5 x 20"


wpe13.jpg (6257 bytes)


Haida carved and painted,
red cedar, bentwood box.
Photo: Canadian Museum
of Civilization

wpe15.jpg (22843 bytes)

Title: In the Shadow of an Eagle (2000)
Artist: Susan Point (Coast Salish)
Edition: 55
Size: 30 x 30"



Painted Haida spruce root hat.
Photo: U.B.C. Museum of

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wpe24.gif (41924 bytes)

Artist unknown
94.8 x 61.4 x 3.8

Todd Jason Baker
Coast Salish
Tree Frog

frog.jpg (39062 bytes)

Todd Jason Baker
Coast Salish
Tree Frog

Todd Jason Baker
Coast Salish

webwhaleprint.jpg (392683 bytes)

Todd Baker

  • serigraph in two colors, signed by the artist
  • printed on 245 gsm Stonehenge white 100% cotton paper
  • edition of 200, 2 artists' proofs
  • Image size 14" x 18"
  • paper size 18" x 22"
  • released JUNE, 2006

email artist

(13" x 18") Limited Edition Silk-screen Print Of 300
100 % Stonehedge cotton rag 60 lb.

Todd Jason Baker
Coast Salish
Humming bird
(14"x18") Limited Edition Silk-screen Print Of 300
100% Stonehedge cotton rag 60 lb.

"Long ago one of the signals for good luck was the sight of a hummingbird. When hunters prepared for a hunt, they sang Indian songs that would ask the hummingbird to appear to inspire a successful hunt and healthy game."

100% Stonehedge cotton rag 60 lb.
(14"x 17")
Limited Edition Silk-screen Print of 300
Todd Jason Baker
Coast Salish

Raven Releasing the Sun 
20" x 25" silk screen limited edition print of 225
Stonehedge 100% cotton rag 60 lb.
$129.00 CDN, Quality Guaranteed
 Print for Sale
   or e -mail  


(14"x17") Limited Edition Silk-screen Print Of 200
100% Stonehedge cotton rag 60 lb.
Todd Jason Baker

Artist Unknown
Coast Salish
spindle whorl, wood
Human, mustelids (?)
21.4 x 20.5 x 1.9

Gerry Maks
Bracelet, silver
Whale, humans
6.5 x 5.4 x 3.2

Robert Davidson
Bracelet, silver
6.8 x 5.3 x 3.7

Bill Reid
Bowl with lid, gold
Beaver, killer whale
10.0 x 9.4 x 8.2

Simon Charlie
Coast Salish
Mask, wood, cedar bark, feathers, wire
Sxwayxwey Mask
96.4 x 71.7 x 25.6

Richard Hunt
Southern Kwakiutl
Mask, wood
154.5 x 45.2 x 42.0

Title: Double Negative (3 of 3)
Artist: Robert Davidson (Haida)
Edition: 72
Size: 27.625 x 41.625"

Title: Half A Soul, 2001
Artist: Robert Davidson (Haida)
Edition: 99
Size: 40 x 12.5"
Price: CDN $1,100


Title: Tlingit Bear and Eagle
Artist: Wayne Alfred (Kwak-waka-wakw)
Medium: Red Cedar, Cedar Bark
Size: 15 x 10 x 8"

Title: In the Eye of the Beholder (1 of 3)
Artist: Robert Davidson (Haida)
Edition: 72
Size: 41.625 x 27.625"

Bill Reid

Screen, wood
Mythological figures
213.0 x 190.3 x 14.6

Bruce Alfred
Southern Kwakiutl
Box, wood
42.8 x 33.6 x 33.6

Artist Unknown
Bentbowl, wood, opercula
mammal (?)
25.1 x 22.6 x 14.5

Artist unknown

Drum and stick, hide, gut, wood
Narrative painting, frog
62.4 x 62.4 x 9.09
before 1900

Artist unknown
Northern Kwakiutl

Chief's settee, woodBirsds, marine creatures
225.0 x 112.5 x 76.5
Before 1900

Artist unknown

Headdress, wood
Haietlik (lightning Snake)
57.0 x 24.5 x 21.0
No date

Artist unknown
Coast Salish
Rattle, Mountain sheep horn, mountain horn, mountain goat wool, wood, abalone shell
94.0 x 47.0
no date

box1.jpg (40474 bytes)

Vernon Stephens
Chest, Wood
Mythological Figures
86.0 x 49.5 x 64.0

Headdr.jpg (22064 bytes)

Earl Muldoe
Headdress, wood, copper, bone, leather, hair
41.8x 19.6 x 19.1

dog.jpg (50607 bytes)


Dog Salmon
Todd Baker
Limited Edition Silkscreen Print

wpe28.jpg (44202 bytes)

Bill Hoelm

wpe2A.jpg (82609 bytes)

Todd Baker

Spoon.jpg (111667 bytes)
Artist Unknown
Spoon, Mountain goat horn, cow horn
Eagle, Wasco (Seas Wolf), Beaver
35.0 x 8.7 x 6.1
Before 1895

Staff.jpg (59241 bytes)

Rod Modeste
Coast Salish
Dance staff, wood, leather, deer hooves, buckles
Wolves, Serpents
109.3 x 6.0 x 6.0

doug.jpg (20356 bytes)

Doug Cranmer
Southern Kwakiutl
Painting, Mahogany board, acrylic paint
"Killer Whales"122.3 x 44.8 x 4.0


doug1.jpg (39717 bytes)
Doug Cranmer
Southern Kwakiutl
Painting, Mahogany Board, acrylic Paint
63.0 x 60.0 x 4.0

MSK1.JPG (28081 bytes)

Dempsey Bob
Mask, wood
Hawk Dancer

MSK2.JPG (27350 bytes)

Walter  Harris
Mask, wood, feathers, string
Eagle woman


msk3.jpg (29036 bytes)

Robert Jackson
Mask, wood

msk4.jpg (22164 bytes)

Charlie G Walkus
Southern Kwakiutl
Mask, wood, cedar bark

MSK5.JPG (22641 bytes)

Charlie George Jr.
Southern Kwakiutl
Mask, wood, cedar bark
Galokwudzuwis (Crooked Beak of  Heaven)
Before 1940

MSK6.JPG (30458 bytes)

Henry Hunt
Southern Kwakiutl

MSK7.JPG (19938 bytes)

Tony Hunt
Southern Kwakiutl
Mask, wood, cougar pelt

MSK8.JPG (19645 bytes)

Richard Hunt
Southern Kwakiutl
Mask, wood

mist1.jpg (7050 bytes)


Title: Double Finned Killerwhale
Artist: Lyle Campbell (Haida)
Edition: 160
Size: 16 x 12"



bill4.gif (72289 bytes)

Bill Reid

bill5.gif (94834 bytes)

Bill Reid

bill6.gif (24549 bytes)

Bill Reid

reid1601b.jpg (24545 bytes)

Bill Reid
Killer whale

reid16.jpg (23493 bytes)

Bill Reid

reid160b.jpg (40804 bytes)

Bill Reid


reid16b.jpg (38655 bytes)

Bill Reid

edition of 85
30" x 30"


Happy Blowhole
cast bronze sculpture
by Robert Davidson, 1992.
Photo: Trevor Mills

"From the demons of fear and self-doubt is emerging a beautiful person."
-Robert Davidson-

Tsonoquis Transformation Mask-Beau Dick

Yemus with Eagle - Wayne Alfred

Crooked Beak - Henry Speck Jr.
Volcano Woman - Fred Davis  
Raven - Chief Henry Speck

Beaver- Chief Henry Speck 

Shark Woman - Gary Miniker Ross 

Sisiutl Bowl - Joe Peters Jr.


Pugmis Mask - Stan Hunt


wpe2.jpg (9366 bytes)


wpe3.jpg (61176 bytes)

wpe8.jpg (124945 bytes)

bill reid


wpeD.jpg (46552 bytes)

Todd baker

Salmon Trout Earrings
Jim Hart (Haida)
22k Gold (cast edition/open)
1 1/2" X 1 1/2"

Bear Pendant

Bear Pin/Pendant (ed/5)
Larry Rosso (Carrier)
Cast 22k gold with abalone and mastodon ivory inlay
2" X 2" X 3/4"


Copyright©,  No image, artwork, or graphics may be copied, downloaded, or reproduced in any way for any commercial purpose without permission of the artist. All commercial rights to these images, artworks and graphics belong to the artists. a fee will be required.

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Title: Two Eagles
Artist: Eugene Alfred (Tlingit)
Edition: 170
Size: 17 x 13"

Title: Raven Stealing the Light
Artist: Eugene Alfred (Tlingit)
Edition: 170
Size: 17 x 13"

Title: Swan
Artist: E. A. Hunt (Kwakwaka'wakw)
Edition: 200
Size: 19.5 x 19"


Title: Infinite Journey
Artist: Don Yeomans (Haida)
Edition: 50
Size: 27 x 19"

Title: Double Finned Killerwhale
Artist: Lyle Campbell (Haida)
Edition: 160
Size: 16 x 12"

Title: The Dance
Artist: Lyle Campbell (Haida)
Edition: 150
Size: 18 x 13"

Title: Two Headed Eagle (1995)
Artist: Reg Davidson (Haida)
Edition: 148
Size: 26 x 26"

Title: Spirit Bird (1991)
Artist: Joe David (Nuu-chah-nulth)
Edition: 75
Size: image 29 x 29"

Title: The Gift (2009)
Artist: Robert Davidson (Haida)
Edition: 125
Size: 22 x 30"

Title: Third Variation on Tri Neg (1997)
Artist: Robert Davidson (Haida)
Edition: 88
Size: 22.5 x 22"

Title: Moon of the Herring (2000)
Artist: Tim Paul (Nuu-chah-nulth)
Edition: 35
Size: 26 x 24.5"


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