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Rick Harry

Rick Harry Xwa-lack-tun was born and raised in Squamish. His mother is originally from Squamish and Alert Bay (Coast Salish, Kwakiutl) while his father was Coast Salish (Squamish). Xwa-lack-tun was given his indigenous name by his father, Pekultn, who was a hereditary chief, originally from the Seymour Creek area. This artist gained his skills and education from Emily Carr College of Art and Capilano College, but also feels he learned a lot through trial and error.
rick harry salmon poles at granville island Xwa-lack-tun's works are seen throughout Vancouver and the surrounding areas. A widely recognized piece is a set of double doors made from yellow cedar, both sides fully carved, for BC Hydro's main building in Vancouver and Burnaby. Harrison Hot Springs Resort commissioned Xwa-lack-tun to complete an original set of doors placed at the entrance of its spa. A 41.5 foot red cedar pole was completed for a new gallery in New Hampshire, USA.
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