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Rick Harry

Xwa Lack Tun (Rick Harry) is an artist whose works are recognized internationally. We know his for the work he has done with a number of our schools. Xwa Lack Tun was given his Indigenous name by his father, Pekuln, who was a hereditary chief, originally from the Seymour Creek area. The name Da Shen came to be when Xwa Lack Tun killed a bear, them took on the bear's spirit because of the lessons he learned through that experience.

Xwa Lack Tun was born and raised in Squamish. His mother was originally from Alert Bay (Kwagiulth, Coast Salish) while his father was Coast Salish (Squamish). He took his artistic education from Capilano College and Emily Carr, but mostly his learnings came from trial and error.

Healing and Growth have become a central theme around the work Xwa Lack Tun does. By focussing on how the traditional stories relate to his own life, Xwa Lack Tun shows us how to use this ancient knowledge to help heal ourselves. Respect for all people, regardless of race or religion is a central theme for this man. The giving out of positive energy, and seeing it come back through the kids is the reward that continues to feed Xwa Lack Tun's spirit. This spirit of love is pervasive through the work regardless whether it be working with glass, wood, metal or people. All things grow and are healed through love.

Xwa Lack Tun's work can be seen throughout Vancouver and the surrounding areas. One of his most notable works is the council table for the sixteen chiefs in council at the Squamish Nation Band Office and the Cedar doors that adorn the new Recreation Centre on the Capilano Reserve, Children recognize him from Sesame Street, while others may have seen him on BCTV. Recently Xwa Lack Tun has visited Eastern Europe and the Centre of Bohemian Glass where he was invited by several countries to participate in Internation Glass Symposiums.

Xwa Lack Tun shows in galleries in Vancouver and has works in one of his studios, in the Capilano community.

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