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Richard is a native of the Cowichan Band, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Since the time he could hold a pencil at a very young age he has had an interest in art. His art does not specialize in any one area. The range of subjects is as varied as the earth, from portraits, wildlife, seascapes to landscapes.

He has traveled extensively throughout the province over many years and taken every opportunity to sketch areas that he has visited. Most of his work is self-taught although he has taken a two year study in the fine arts. During that period he received both awards and scholarships.

>From 1970 until 1988 he worked for Health and Welfare Canada, Medical Services Branch. In 1988 he resigned his position to peruse a career in the art world.

Showings have been in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and other parts of Canada. He now has several contracts for shirts, sweatshirts, etc. He also has a contract with Artistic Lights of the Lands Ltd. He is also in the BC 7 artists group that are going into limited edition Boxed Sets series. These Boxed Sets have been shown around the world and are becoming a very high demand collectable item. Showing of these sets have been on CNN, TNN, USA, ESPN, ITV and ACN throughout North American networks.


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