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Richard Hunt

Born in Alert Bay on Cormorant Island off the northeast coast of Vancouver island, Richard has lived most of his life in Victoria. He began carving with his father, Henry Hunt, at thirteen. after graduating from highschool in 1971 he spent a year working with his brother Tony at the arts of the raven gallery. hunt began working at the British Columbia Provincial Museum in 1973 as an apprentice carver with his father and is now the Museum's chief carver. His job often involves making traditional ceremonial items -masks, frontlets, rattles - for uses at potlatches. Richard Hunt is an excellent mask maker. In particular, he has achieved an over all integration of the individual design elements that form the two dimensional decoration of the masks facial planes, unsurpassed in contemporary Southern Kwakuitl art.

Copyrightę 1980 Brithish Columbia Provincial Museum

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