April 27th, 28th, and 29th, 2000
The 18th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow!

Gathering of Nations, Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, Miss Indian World Pageant, Indian Traders Market
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Native American (Indian) culture comes alive at the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, Indian Traders Market, and the crowning of Miss Indian World; at the University of New Mexico Arena, the "PIT".
Over 3,000 American Indian dancers and singers, representing more than 700 tribes from Canada and the United States, come to Albuquerque, New Mexico annually to participate socially and competitively. The trading of intercultural traditions and crafts is an experience for all who attend.
The Indian Traders Market offers a very special shopping experience and exhibition of Native American artifacts. Over 800 artists, crafters, and traders will place their wares on display and for sale.

In previous times ceremonial dancing was reserved for male warriors.
Today, powwows are gatherings of both genders and all ages.

10th Annual Squamish Nation Pow Wow

Native drummer Clarence Baker Pounds out a rhythmic beat as fellow Squamish Nation members rehearse dances for the upcoming 10th Annual Squamish Nation Powwow. The Event will Feature International Dancers, Artists and other native craftsmen.

Capilano Indian Reserve Park,
100 Capilanano Road,
North Vancouver, BC
July 31- August 1st & 2nd

For more Information:
Gloria Nahanee (604) 9862120
Tammie Baker (604) 987-4113
Squamish Nation (604) 980-4553

Shows from The Past

"HERE AND NOW" a  Emily Carr School  of Design  First Nations Alumni Art Show

"Here and Now"
First Peoples Perspectives

Emily Carr opens its first ever
First Nations alumni show Monday.

News photo Mike Wakefield
Baker's etched glass table is in the First Nations alumni show at Emily Carr.

Here"'and Now: First Peoples Perspective 1964-1997 brings together artists \who attend@d the Vancouver School of Art as cariv as the -nid-'60s with those who attended Emilv Carr Art and Design Institute up until last May
Painter Frank Baker, multi-media artist Todd Baker, ceramicist Norma Nahanee and sculptor Xwa Lack Tun (the artist formerlv known as Rick Harry), all from the North Shore, exhibit their works alongside those of high-profile artists Robert Davidson and Bill Reid

More than 50 artists from around the province as well as from Eastern Canada and the U.S. Showcase their work. The show continues to April 6 in the Concourse Gallerv. Emily Carr College of Art and Design is located at 1399 Johnston St. on Granville Island in Vancouver.

First Nations Alumni Exhibition at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Concourse Gallery, March 25th - April 6, 1998

The objective of this exhibition is to acknowledge the strength and persistence of First Nations Art and its diverse imagery. This exhibition will offer First Nations artists who choose to work within their cultural identities professional respect and acknowledgment. The Opening Reception will be on March 25th at 6 PM. The exhibition will be open to the general public 7 days a week, from 7:30 am to 10 PM. The exhibition will bring together a diverse group of First Nations artists from British Columbia, as well as from Eastern Canada and the United States.

The event will inform and educate both First Nations people and the community at large of the significant cultural contributions that continues to be made by First Nations People as artists, individuals, and as a nation. In addition, the event will promote an understanding of First Nation peoples, their art, and the positive influences and contributions they have made to society as well as their understanding and the concern for the natural environment. Thus far there are confirmation from forty-two First Nations Alumni. they are as follows:

Frank Baker, Todd Baker, Keith Berens, Vernon Brown, Judy Chartrand, Robert Davidson, Tomoe Doumani, Melvin Dunn, Karen Frances, Peter George, Della Gibson, Danny Gonu, Rick Harry, Linda Gonu-Hudson, Heather Henry, Bradley Hunt, Matthew Jacob, Fred Johnson, Lara Johnson, Marguerite Laliberte, Zachary LongBoy, Mary Longman, Ahasiw Maskegeon-Iskew, Kajola Morewood,
Nadia Myre, Norma Nahanee, Marianne Nicolson, Ed Archie Noisecat, Connie Paul, Peter Pilfold, Arthur Renwick, Bill Reid, Eric Robertson, Janice Toulouse Shingwaak, Connie Sterritt, Saul Terry, Richard Thorne, Charlene Vickers, Laura Wee Lay Laq, Chester Williams, Dana Williams, Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun.

  Note: Artists underlined have links to bio's or sites

For more information call: Sylvia Iredale, Community Relations: 844-3871, Judy Chartrand, 844-3879 or e-mail

To obtain a list of native gatherings in Western Canada: For British Columbia, contact Visitor Inquiries, BC Tourism Division, 1117 Wharf St, Victoria, BC V8W 2Z2
Phone (604) 356 6363
Fax (604) 356-8246

First Nations Artist Conference

The Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre is hosting an First Naions Artist Conference on August 19th and 20th. It will be held at Wanuskewin Heritage Park and will cover topics that you may be interested in as an artist. Many of the artists that we talk to seem to be interested in knowing how to deal with galleries, grants, promotion of their work and also in discussing common issues with other artists. These things will be included in our conference and if you would like additional info please contact;

Cathy Wheaton
Art Coordinator

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