The limited edition print of the 'Orca'

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Todd Baker

    • serigraph (silkscreen) in two colors, signed by the artist
    • printed on 245 gsm Stonehenge white 100% cotton paper
    • edition of 200, 2 artists' proofs
    • Image size 14" x 18"
    • paper size 18" x 22"
    • released JUNE, 2006  
    • email artist


The legend of the Killer Whale is a tale of Natcitlaneh who was abandoned on an island by his brothers-in-law who were jealous of his prowess as a hunter. He was rescued by the Sea Lions and taken to their village in a cave where he healed their Chief. In gratitude, the Sea Lions gave him supernatural powers which enabled him to carve eight wooden Killer Whales. These Whales came to life when they were placed in the sea and avenged him by killing his brothers-in-law.

As a mark of respect, Natcitlaneh built a house and named it Killer Whale House. According to the legend, the ancestors visited the house located at the bottom of the ocean to obtain rights to use the Killer Whale as a crest.

Held in great awe for its power and size, it was believed a Killer Whale could capture a canoe and take it underwater to transform the occupants into Whales. Thus a Whale near the shore was a human transformed and trying to communicate with his family.

The Whale is a popular symbol for romance as they mate for life. The Whale, like the Wolf, stays with its family and travel in large pods.


Hi Todd,

Just to let you know that Raven landed safely here about 20 minutes ago. I am very impressed and more than satisfied :o) and as soon as the darn rain stops I'll be off out to purchase a frame so it can take pride of place on my wall.

I found the extra info included fascinating and to have Bill Reid critique your first piece must have been an honour for you. It also made me realize that I only understand a tiny portion of your cultures legends myths and beliefs etc. I would like to find out a lot more so maybe you could recommend a good book or web site which you consider to give a good insight and historical account or your peoples. Not too many months ago I purchased an analysis of form by Bill Holm but that mainly concentrates on the art form itself and not the beliefs and culture etc. The other books I have mainly contain just art without much background info unless it's showing something major like a Skidgate House. So anything you may be able to recommend will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks once again it's been a pleasure dealing with you.

Kind Regards

Mark, UK

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