Norman Tait

Norman Tait was born in the Nishga village of Kincolith on the lower Nass River. He began carving seriously in 1970, studying design with Freda Diesing and silver engraving with Gerry Marks. In 1973, Tait and his father Josiah Tait, completed a pole for the village of Port Edward. A second pole was carved in 1975 for the Coast Tsmishian community of Port Simpson. the following year, Tait participated, at the University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology, in the restoration of a totem pole from the Nass River village of Gitex. Perhaps stimulated by the experience of working with this fine old pole and, as a result, becoming increasingly aware of old Tsimshian pieces, Tait has proceed to concentrate on defining the nuances of the style that are the essence of Tsimshian sculpture and design.

    (House of the Mischievos Man)
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