61yrs old, never to late to learn. I started carving about 6 yrs ago and found the it soon became a passion in my life. I have a workshop in my basement where I do my carvings.  Everything I do starts off from pieces of bone or antler, which are carved into likenesses of power animals. moose antlers mounted on elk antler, that are carved into eagles. 
    I was born in Rouyn-Noranda, my Mother was from NotreDameDuNord Reserve in North Temiskaming Quebec, and we are of Algonquin heritage.  I've been living here in Lethbridge for about 18 yrs, Five of those years I wasted going to University. I've been doing Crafts for a great many years.  I make drums, rattles, a bit of moose hair tufting, quill work on birch bark, leather and bead work. It wasn't until I started to carve that I felt I had found my niche.
    I have been looking for other native carvers doing the same kind of work. There is a spiritual connection to my carvings which has helped me tremendously in all facets of my life
                                                                        Marylou Bigcanoe


M.L.BigCanoe, I am a bone/antler carver residing in Lethbridge Alberta. I am of Algonquian heritage. carvings of power animals in bone and antler. URL is: http:www.barebone.net  Bio To come at a later date.


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