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The Native Online website has been up and running on the internet since 1996. This site is fully owned and maintained by first nations people. The primary focus is to display the artwork of individual native artists and galleries and hopefully inform, educate. and interest them into more in depth research of the native art, artists and culture. Native online offers 1 free Page, to the inquiring artist, can add pic,s links etc. this is to allow the public to find this artist on the net, which may have never happen otherwise.

This site is fully owned and maintained by first nations. If you have any inqueiries about Native Online please feel free to emial Web master, Todd Jason Baker. Todd Is a Member of the Squamish Nation, and resides on the West Vancouver reserve.

Primary focus and main features:

Art. this is a list of art we would like the entire Internet  community to browse, purchase, etc. we would like to world to experience the native culture through our art.

Artists. This is a list of artists in alphabetical order. Here, the name of the artist is listed, along with how many pieces of artwork are displayed, what medium they use and what country they are from. By clicking on the name, the viewer is taken to their personal Web Pages


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