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Marguerite Laliberte:

Marguerite Laliberte (Drum Walker) is a multi-disciplinary artist from the Plains Cree Nation of GreenLake, Saskatchewan. Marguerite comes from a long history of artistic expression. Her Grandmother, Isabella Bishop, was a skillful beadworker, basket maker and hunter.

Marguerite's interest in art first began when she was a young child, then became a survival tool during a traumatic childhood. In High School, she received her first experience with formal art instruction. After High School, Marguerite's skills in artistic practices were mostly self-taught and self-motivated.

Prior to attending Langara Community College in 1988, she furthered her development by attending sessions at Basic Inquiry Studios. In 1991, Marguerite attended Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design with her concentrations on Ceramics and Drawing.

Currently Marguerite works as a Drug and Alcohol Youth Counselor with Nisha Child and Family Society while she continues to take an occasional drawing class at Emily Carr. Presently, Marguerite is examining techniques in drawing and painting, exploring the idea of capturing the essence of energy. She intends to participate in further exhibits.

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