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Of First Nations Culture and Peoples
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Our thanks to Ed Barnes for this picture of the Totem Pole as it was being made in Canada in 1957-1958

If anyone has any other pictures or stories about the Totem Pole in Windsor Great Park, please contribute to our Totem Pole Discussion area here or email the editor here.

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Chief Khat-la-cha (kind heart) Squamish Chief

Chief Simon Baker is a direct descendant of Chief Joe Capilano, a respected leader who was prominent in early land claims. Chief Baker has traveled around the world many times as an ambassador of goodwill for the Canadian people. Also the grandfather of the webmaster of this site Todd Baker


GALL, "Pizi", Hunkpapa Sioux Chief (1838-1894)

Gall, Sitting Bull's lieutenant and adopted bother, was credited along with Crazy Horse for the defeat of Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn. He routed Major Reno, then led hundreds of warriors for a frontal attack against Custer. Photograph by David F. Barry,1881


The Rush Gatherer, Kutenai

Rushes were gathered from the swamps and shallows of lakes by the Kutenai of Northern Montana and Idaho For domestic use. Photo by Edward S. Curtis, 1910


Bear Bull, Blackfoot

Photographed by

Edward E.Curtis,1910


CROW DOG, "Sunka Kangi", Brule' Sioux Chief (1832-1918)

Prominent Brule' leader in tribal affairs and in the Ghost Dance Movement, Crow Dog is remembered today for the killing of the famed Brule' chief Spotted Tail in August of 1881. Photograph by John A. Anderson, 1898

IN THE BADLANDS-Sheep Mountain

Even to this day, the Badlands of South Dakota

remain a sacred spot for all nations of the Sioux,

Photograph by Edward S.Curtis, 1904

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World-class carver Norman Tait and apprentice Lucinda Turner on totem pole, bearing Nisga'a clan and family crests.


RED HORSE, "Tasunke Luta", Sioux Chief

Head chief in council lodge of the Sioux, Red horse fought both Reno and Custer, and in 1881 created 41 ledger drawings documenting the famed battle. Photograph by David F. Barry, 1883.


GERONIMO, "Goyahkla", Chirichua Apache Chief (1829-1909)

Feared by both American and Mexican settlers, Geronimo was the last of the great, courageous and determined Apache war leaders, who rebelled against the reservation system through a long bloody history of warfare. he led his band against forces of the U.S. Army for 18 years and finally surrendered to Gen. Nelson Miles on September 4, 1886. Photograph by Ben Wittick,1885

SHOT IN HAND, "Maohpish", Apsaroke Warrior (Mountain Crow, b. 1841)

To gain strength against the enemy, Shot in the Hand would prepare a potion of hawk's heart, sweet grass and green paint before going into battle. His fearlessness in warfare gained him unequaled success. This daring warrior counted many coups. Photograph by Edward S Curtis, 1908.

MANY ARROWS, Navajo Warrior

Photograph by Adam Clark Vroman, 1903


THE MEDICINE MAN, Slow Bull, Oglala Sioux

Photograph By Edward S. Curtis, 1907

GITXSAN TOTEM POLES in Kitwancool, G.T. Emmons photo, 1910, Photograghy Collection, University of Washington Library.

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Carving up a storm!
  Don Yeomans is one of the most respected and renowned Northwest Coast Native artists. Born of
a Masset Haida father and a Metis mother from Slave Lake, Alberta, Yeomans has studied and
worked in the Haida Style since he was a youth.

Dancer Dennis Nyce representing Naxnok, or spirit beings


Alver Tait, Carver

Raymond Azak, Dancer





Take a tour of this gallery
he outdoor sculpture complex includes two Haida Houses and ten totem poles and features the work of some of the finest contemporary First Nations artists of the Northwest Coast.

If you have a beautiful picture with a little information of the picture, and would like to see it in our album, don't hesitate to e-mail the picture to us, regular mail: 335 Skawshen Road, West Vancouver, B.C. Canada V7P 3T1 or e-mail us..

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