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Harold (Jackson) Alfred
(Namg is Artist)

Harold (Jackson) Alfred was born in Alert Bay, British Columbia and is a member of the Kwakwaka’wakw (formerly kwakiutl) Nation and was born into the Namgis tribe in 1953. His works are sold in such places as the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Royal British Columbia Museum.

Growing up in Alert Bay, one is constantly surrounded by the arts and cannot help but be influenced by the designs, figures and poles created by the great master of the past. As a result, Harold produces outstanding work which has a contemporary feel with a strong sense of the past. Harold signs his work with a stylized HJA or HJAlfred.

Harold takes great pride in having carved a twenty feet " Kwakiutl Totem Pole", for the City of Duncan. The two figures on the pole are the powerfull Killerwhale & The Supernatural Thunderbird with it's powerful wings majestically reaching up to the sky.

Harold observes the high standards set by past masters and applies the same standards of quality and workmanship to his own works whether it be jewelry, carvings, prints, shirts or stained glass. Harold recognizes that development of his knowledge and appreciation of the Kwakiutl art form is an ongoing process. Using the traditional lines of the ovoid, feathered U,s and split U,s, Harold strides to develop distinct lines and forms which clearly depict strong traditional designs which are true to the Kwakiutl art form.

His logo is the powerful Thunderbird, with its curled horns and recurved beak, which is one of the founding crests of the Namgis and is symbolic of his roots as a Namgis artist from Alert Bay. Harold presently lives in Victoria, BC with his wife and three children.

Harold Alfred and Kirby Rivest

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"The Creator's Finger"

Unique original designs in stained glass that may be customized to your colour schemes.

The Owl represents a link between the past and the present. The knowledge of our forefathers is possessed by this great bird which is shown flying under the light of the Moon. The Moon is the protector and guardian of the earth, and the moon spirit watches over us.

The Owl has the ability to communicate with our elders who have passed on and therefore ensures that the knowledge, wisdom, culture, of our forefathers are passed on to future generations.

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Unique original designs in stained glass.
The artist can customize to your specific colours.


Free delivary on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Harold Alfred


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"Aquatic Flight"

Unique original designs in stained glass.


Commissions available.
Visit the Inquiries/Commission Request Form.

When the Cormorant swims underwater. It uses it's wings to propel itself through the water, while it is fishing. This use of it's wings give the impression that it is in flight, and in fact flying underwater. The circles emanating from the centre of the piece, is in fact ripples, the entry point of the where the Cormorant dived under the water to fish. The waves circling the piece, have changing hues of blue, representing the surface water, in it's stark contrast to the serenity of the underwater.

4'2" in Diameter
525 Pieces of glass
1992 Date Created


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"The Canary"

Stained glass lampshade has a unique original design.


Commissions available.
Visit the Inquiries/Commission Request Form.

View of the lamp turned on, look below for the view of the lamp turned off.
Commission lampshades and designs are accepted.

For many years the Canary was used in the mine shafts, as a warning to the danger of gas. It was the canary which alerted the miners of any immediate danger, allowing them to take the necessary action of safety.

With the global disappearance of frogs, this amphibian has become mans canary, it serves as a warning of eminent danger. To ignore this warning would be foolish, it would doom man and many of Godís creatures, to the beginning of possible extinction. What affects even the smallest creatures, has a rippling effect to mankind.

Created in 1997
Designed by Harold Alfred
Created by Kirby (Buzz) Rivest
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