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Errol is from the Gitxsan Nation and he is from the wolf clan. His passion in life is to carve, draw, and paint Northwest Coast Art. Since 1986, Errol has worked on four mediums, such as wood, paper, fabric and engraving. In the years of carving, he has always learned valuable lessons in every piece of art. The gratitude of the art is shown with the quality and balance.  

New Limited edition prints

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1.) Fortitude, is the Eagle and Salmon.


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2.) Circle of Love, is the five humming birds.

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3.) Salmon Run, is the four salmons.
Image size is 9in x 12in and the paper size is 11inx 15in.
In the bottom right corner I have every print stamped. I have sent a picture too.
It is getting close to Christmas time. These prints would be ideal for gifts. To cycle these prints in time for the shoppers I am going to price these editions at reasonable cost.
All prints are $30 each, over 10 it is $27.50each and 20 or more would be 25each. Plus, $25 for the shipping.  I would need your full mailing address, name and phone number. Payment would be by money order, once I have a tracking number to that then I would package the prints and send it the same day.
Errol Hillis
Box #1
Gulf Station,
South Hazelton, BC


He’s first introduction to West Coast Art was watching a pole-raising ceremony in Kispiox. As well as watching an artist paint several designs on the elementary school. It took a few years later to start learning the basic designs, like ovoids, crescents, U-forms, fillers, and form lines. He is thankful for the ancestors and mentors to assist in creating plaques, bowls, masks, totem poles, rattles, talking stick, and engraving. The honorable teachers’ are Earl Muldon, Vernon Stephens, Roy Hanuse and Clarence Wells. As a tribute to their lessons, Errol passes the gift of carving or drawing to those who are serious on learning the art. , “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.   


Gitxsan Nation,

E. Hillis.


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Women Mask




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copper  serpent



contact artist info Errol Hillis []

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frog and wolf design

Silver wolf and eagle 



Errol Hillis

Comp. 1, Gulf Station,

South Hazelton, BC.

V0J- 2R0

Ph. # 1-250-842-0329

Cell # 1-250-617-9966




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