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Native Onlines staff  is working on voluntary basis and for free. Native Online does not  receive any government, municipal or Canadian subsidies.

Membership in Native Online's Art Gallery is free without any fees. We hope that you enjoy using it.

Todd Baker (webmaster) has spent thousands of hours developing and supporting it and always will.

Native Online is being used by hundred thousands of satisfied people every day. Lots and lots of help requests. We're trying to assist each and every member with their problems (and we have been successful so far). sometimes it takes a lot of time to help people with their issues.

And sometimes people really would like to find a way to say "thanks". So, here's a way that you can show us that you appreciate the hard work that we've done for you!
We prefer to receive donations via PayPal. They take $0.30 and 3.4% of every transaction, but we can live with that.

They're fast, secure, and easy to use. or Your donation will cover our hosting expenses (hardware, software, bandwidth, web hosting and other fees and there are lots of them, believe me). Even a little bit can go a long way!

Donations can be made by usingPay Pal:
You do not need to sign up for a PayPal account in order to make a donation.
Just click on the Make a Donation button below and you will be guided through very easy

Thank you and may your creator bless your day!

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