C h a r l e s    E d e n s h a w

b. 1839 Da.axiigang, Skidegate, Haida Gwaii
d. 1924
First Nations Affiliation: Haida

In his lifetime, Charles Edenshaw (Chief Tahayghen) was hailed as one of his nation's greatest carvers, whose work and knowledge was sought by anthropologist Franz Boas and important collectors. Born Da.axiigang, he moved to Masset, as was customary, to live with his maternal uncle Albert Edward Edensaw, head of the S'daast-aas eagle lineage, who gave him his chiefly name Itinsaw. It is also surmised that Albert trained the young boy, who already carved in argillite and silver, to carve totems. Unlike other artists who needed to supplement their incomes with fishing or hunting, by the 1880s, Edenshaw was supporting his family completely through his art. His work has been celebrated for being narratively original and innovative while adhering to the complex formline design principles of classic Haida art.

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