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Tahltan, Tlingit, born 1948 in Telegraph Creek, BC. "I am inspired by the land, our people and our heritage. I inherited a vibrant artistic tradition and have earned the right to be an artist from my people. This land talks to me and I am creative here. I strive to make my art real today, with feelings and power, to show that we have a living culture and art.

I want the art to speak to the people today. I continually learn about my culture and myself which helps me in my ongoing quest to develop my artistic style."

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Moon and Frog Mask
Part of the Northwest Coast Postcard Set

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The Smart One
Part of the Northwest Coast Postcard Set



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Eagle Beaver Mask
PDB1 - Poster 18" x 24"

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TDB1 - T-Shirt
TBDB - Tote Bag



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