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Beau_Dick.JPG (5423 bytes)

Beau Dick


"I have studied the designs of the old pieces and and have learned from other contemporary artists. I work in many traditions while always trying to create my own style, and am committed to training the next generation of artists to maintain our art and tradition."



hands_of_creation_sm.gif (3318 bytes)
Hands of Creation
T-Shirt TBD (Red on Black)
Tote Bags TBBD (Red on Black), TBBD2 (Cream on Navy)

"The raven is a symbol of creation for my people. The raven's wings are depicted as hands. The stream of abalone that flows from the raven's beak represents the seeds of creativity."



"The children are our hope for the future.
Their strength will keep the fire burning."

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Sacred Circle
T-Shirt TBD3 (Red on Black)

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