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North American First Nations Artists,
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Reg Davidson & Glen Rabena holding elbow adzes.

Harold Alfred / carver 
Wayne Alfred
Scott August/Musician
Arnold Aragon
Laura Asbell /Quaniult
Cheryl Bailey / custom roaches
Mark Bahti
Fredrick Baker/Squamish Nation
Harold Baker,/Squamish Nation
Jason Baker,/ Squamish Nation
KWAKWEE BAKER/Film Production
Marvin Baker,/Squamish Nation
Teddy Baker
, wood carver
Pam Baker / Fashion Designer

Wade Baker / Totem poles
Richard Baker, S/G Jewelly

  Todd Jason Baker limited edition prints, Freelance Graphics. contemporary Sculpture.
Yul Baker 
Bobby Bales

Jose A. Batallan, Quivers
Mariel Belanger / Actor/Model
John Bernard
Beryl Beaupre
Blaine Billman

Dwight Billedeaux (Blackfeet)
Mary L. Bigcanoe,
Tobias Beharrel
Robert Big Elk-Stoneware
Isaac Bignell
Bunni BlueBird

newTracy Bressette
Kristina Britnell - Button Blankets / Cowichan Sweaters 
Dempsey Bob/Tlingit
Peter & Lois Boome Araqui
Jim Boyd singer/songwriter
Joseph boyden

Kirk Brant /digital media
Dan Brook/ Muscogee-Creek
Jody Broomfield
Ed E. Bryant /Tsimshian Artist
Scott Butt / Mi'Kmaq
John Chief Calf

Joe Campbell
Wayne Carlick
Geronimo Clark

Lonny and Michelle Cloud
Judy Chartrand

don chase

Michael Cheatham/Silver/Stone
Kevin Cramner
Nelson Cross

Jennifer Davidson

Richard de la Mare
LeRoy DeJolie/ Navajo, land

Nancy Desjarlais
Laetitia D'Etiolles
Melissa Darden
 Chitimacha Single/Dbl Weave Baskets
Reg Davidson 
Lori Davis/ Haida web designer

Robert H. Davis
Robert Davidson/ Haida
Dempsey Bob  Tahltan Tlingit
Beau Dick  Kwagiulth
Randy Ducharme/soapstone
Tomoe Doumani
Melvin Dunn
Frances Edgar
Charles Edensaw
Holly Eggleston
Andy Everson/Comox-printmaker
Pete FourWinds Fancy Dancer

Rob Austdone/ Gallery owner

Artie George
Karista Gerwing/ Painter
Jaawano Giijik
Jaawanart Jewelry

new artistErich Glendale/jewelry,sculptor

Jim Gladue
Roger Gray Tsimshian
Henry Green
Darren Geffre / singer /songwriter

David J Gonzales
Marcus Gosse Mi'kmaq artist,mixed media
Louie Gong
Quentin Harris
Walter Harris
Hunting Hawk / Leather Sashes
Sam Haiyupis
Ya'Ya (Chuck Heit
Rick Harry
Karen Lynch Harley/Eastern Siouan

Tony Healey
leanne helin
Bill Helin/ jewelry
Rhae M. Henhawk Artist/Sculpto
Heather Henry
Ron Henry / Southwest Jewelry
Errol Hillis
Allie High

Greg A. Hill
Melanie Hooker / treefrogsoaps
Bill Holm
Calvin Hunt Kwakiutl, Kwagu'l,
Corrine Hunt
Bradley Hunt
George Hunt Jr.
Eugene Hunt
Chief Tony Hunt
Tom Hunt

Sharon Irla/Cherokee artist, muralist, photographer
Jeremy Lee Humpherville / Carver

Ahasiw Maskegon-Iskwew
Alex paintJase/ Antler sculptures
Stewart Jacobs
Duke James
Deborah Juodaitis

Brandon Joe
Donald Joe
Stan S. Joseph Jr. Sequilem,Squamish 
Janine Island graphic design, web development
Arnold J. Isbister Cree Artist
Maynard Johnny

Albert Joseph
Brad Joseph
Charles Joseph
rattles paintings sculpture beadwork photographyJohn Joseph/ Johnny Cash
/Totem Pole Carver
Chad joe / Totem Pole Carver

Clarence Kapay
Eric Keast, rattles paintings sculpture beadwork photography
Janet Kierstead
Contemporary  paintings

M. Kinoshameg/ Oshkaabewis
Mike Komick
Richard Krents Prints, Bentboxes
John Laford
Nathan Lewis
Linda Lomahaftewa
Zachary LongBoy
Diane McAlister /Morning Star Quilts
Mungo Martin
Laura A Marsden
Cody Mathius

rattles paintings sculpture beadwork photographyRoxane McCallum
Don McLeay Totem/Masks/Furniture
Murray McCorriston/wood, paintings, leather, stone, silver, bone
Brenda Mercer

Leo Mitchell
James Michels / bentwood boxes
Judith P. Morgan/Gitksans Artist
Robert Morgan / Soap Stone
Max Morin /Cree Painter

Norval Morrisseau
Rolanda Murphy
Christian Morrisseau
Kajola Morewood

David Neel
Jude Norris aka TatakwanDaphne Odjig
Old Grinning Bear
Virgil Ortiz

Tara Parisier / dream catchers
Gerald Paul
Tim Paul
Leonard Peltierartist / Writer

Stephen Peltonen
Ruth Wilbur- Peterson
Gary Peterson 
New Artist Gordon Perreault / Spiritual / Painter
Toni Polchies

Susan Point
TJ Powell  
Joshua Prescott

Mark Preston

Stephen Peltonen/canvas painting,wood,moose antler
Glen Rabena
Bill Ried / Haida
Herb Rice
Heber Reece
Eric Robertson
Troy Roberts
Steven Rosen

rattles paintings sculpture beadwork photography Micheal Rossignol/t-shirt artist

Hugh (Hutch) Sam 
Lionel Samuels
Manuel Salazar
Joane Cardinal-Schubert 
Arthur Schilling
Rupert Scow
Barry Scow

Richard Shorty
Kelly Seaman
Melody Sheline/

Preston Singletary
Joe Silvey

Barry Stevens
PJ Gilliam Stewart
George Storry

Moy Sutherland 'hiish-miik'
Ernest Swansen
Alan Sylboy Mi'kmaq artist,
Don Svanvik

August Sylvester
Leonard Sylvester

Terry Hawiian paper sculptor
Alver Tait, Carver
Norman Tait,
CJ Taylor Artist/Author
Art Thompson,

Shannon Thunderbird
Leisa Gattie-Thurmer moose skin clothing
Red Thunder / Choker Jewelry
Shannon Thunderbird
Saul Terry

Daniel Tom
Janice Toulouse Shingwaak

rattles paintings sculpture beadwork photographymark tumber

Janice Wardrop

Janice Wardrop

Connie Watts / Haida 
William Watts, / Mask Carver
Diane Wade/ Contemporary Pueblo Pottery
Stan Wamiss
Laura Wee Lay Laq
Ozzy Wadhams
William Wasden Jr.

Sean Whonnock
 Andy Wilbur

Lyle Williams
Elvis "Qaqianon" Wolki

Buster Wilson
Joe Wilson

Mariee Williams /
The totem story
April Whitecloud

karen whiteduck linkKaren Whiteduck
Jerry Whitehead
Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas, Haida,Rocking Raven 
Nathaniel Wilkerson - Gitxsan
Jason Wilson,
Ralph Williston/ author
Evelyn Vanderhoop haida textile weaver 
Roy Henry Vickers  
Charlene Vickers

Don Yeomans/ prints, poles, mastercarver.
Ron Yeomans / prints

Carol Young (nee Bagshaw)
Haida Artist

Wayne Young
Dancing Theater

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Artist working on benefit to save the salmon. 

Peoples of the Coast

Unique in the world of so-called "primitive art," the full, rich range of the art of North America's Northwest Coast Indians has only recently begun to take a prominent place in the museum exhibitions and art galleries of the world. In the market place, original works by native artists and craftspeople have become highly prized collectors' items commanding substantial sums of money.


  Because the site is concerned with the graphic art, illustrations are mainly taken from painted household and ceremonial items and contemporary silkscreen designs, but many of the symbols of identification can be found in carved works also, and a few examples are given.

Contemporary art of the Northwest Coast Indians, particularly in the field of print making, has evolved through many changes in a short period.The past decade has been a time of cultural searching for many of the artists who were caught up in a rather general Northwest Coast style (based largely on northern art) and found that they needed to define and establish a style that was essentially their own people with roots in their own traditions.  Through their researches, and with the help of the elders of their villages, the artists have succeeded in determining their own cultural distinctions, and in so doing have made us aware of their regional differences.

  Considered six ethnographically distinct peoples, the Coast Salish, the West Coast people (or Nootka), the Kwagiutl, the Tsimshian, the Haida and the Tlingit shared cultural, economic and environmental backgrounds.  They were all hunters and gatherers who lived along the river valleys and coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest, skillfully using the abundant resources of river, sea and forest.  In this book's final chapter the reader will gain an idea of how to distinguish the art of the different cultural areas by looking at examples of design - mainly contemporary prints.  I have not included the relatively small group of the Bella Coola people; although in sculpture a clear distinction exists between their styles and that of the other groups, it is less distinctive in painted form, and none of the people of that region are, as yet, working in two dimensional design.

  Along with most of the mythical and crest figures I have included a selection of legends and myths pertaining to them.If you are interested in learning more about the tribes of British Columbia, try this site, run by the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs:

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