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But can I afford banner advertising? you ask. Calculating the actual cost of securing an order is a very useful exercise when it comes to advertising. Does it cost you $1 or $5 or $100? You need to know. Armed with this information, you'll be better equipped to plan an advertising campaign. While there is a good bit of variance in rates, you might expect the typical Web ad to cost you about 5 to 7 cents per page impression, which translates to a CPM (cost per thousand) of $50 to $70. The more targeted the visitors to the Web site, the higher the rate charged. Many Web brokers and Web sites, however, set minimum charges. At Native Online we make It easy, we use the Flat rate system.

  • 100 x 70 pixels, = $30 monthly

  • 200 x 80 pixels, = $30 monthly

  • 350 x 60 pixels, 50.5 k limit =$ 40 monthly

Another important factor is the actual banner ad itself. "The banner is like the outer envelope of a direct mail piece," says Schwedelson. "The Web site content compares to what is in the envelope. Like direct mail, on the banner ad you might offer a free premium, special value, or question that they want answered."

advertise.htm / v. (-sing) 1 promote (goods or services) publicly to increase sales. See ADVERTISING. 2 make generally known. 3 (often followed by for) seek by a notice in a newspaper etc. to buy, employ, sell, etc.

advertisement / n. 1 public announce, esp. of goods etc. for sale or wanted, vacancies, etc. 2 advertising communication intended both to inform and persuade. The media that carry advertising range from the press , television , cinema, radio and posters to company logos an apparel. Advertising creates awareness of a product, extensive advertising creates confidence in the product, and good advertising creates a desire to buy the product. This series of emotions is known mnemonically as AIDA ( attention, interest, desire, action). only half the money spent on advertising in the UK is accounted for by producers of goods and services; the remainder is spend by individuals (mostly on classified advertising), the government, charities and marketing intermediaries (e.g. banks, institutions, and retailers).

consumer advertising n. advertising of goods or services specifically aimed at the potential end-user, rather than at an intermediary in the selling chain.

trade advertising n. advertising aimed at members of the distribution channel of a product or service rather than at the consumer. it is sometimes advantageous to draw the attention of the trade to a product either in addition to consumer advertising or instead of it (usu. because it is much cheaper).

Advantages of Banner Advertising

  • Users are one click away from your product.

  • You can measure the results.

  • Reach a broad audience relatively inexpensively.


To understand advertising on the Web we need a few handles:

  • Hits -- a fuzzy term meaning number of files downloaded

  • Raw hits -- number of files downloaded, using a combination of graphic images and HTML pages. To be accurate we need to subtract the images, which may account for 5 out of 6 "raw hits".

  • Page impressions or page views -- Refers to the number of visitors who view a page or a banner ad on that page.

  • CPM - Cost per thousand impressions or page views.

  • Banner ad -- an ad graphic, usually a GIF image, measured in pixels (on Lycos the size is 468 wide by 60 high, limited to 7.5 K)

  • Click -- When a visitor clicks his or her mouse on a banner ad, the visitor is automatically transported to the advertiser's Web page.

  • Click rate -- The percentage of visitors who click on a banner ad.

  • Click throughs - The number of people who click on a banner ad and get to the advertiser's Web site.

Another important factor is the actual banner ad itself. "The banner is like the outer envelope of a direct mail piece," says Schwedelson. "The Web site content compares to what is in the envelope. Like direct mail, on the banner ad you might offer a free premium, special value, or question that they want answered."


With so many variables, careful testing is important. Native Online suggests that their clients spread their advertising dollars over several Web sites, tracking the click rates for each Web site where their ad is placed. Within a month, they can see which sites are most effective for their particular purpose, and concentrate their money for greater effectiveness.

In every case, let the buyer beware. Plan carefully, read contracts before you sign them, and test rigorously.

Banner Design
This service is designed for websites planning on placing banner advertising on-line. WPRC's banners don't just look good -- they work. Well designed banners are proven to dramatically increase the success of an entire banner advertising campaign. WPRC has a skilled core of professional graphic designers who know what makes people stop, take a look, and respond.
Service Highlights:
  • Skilled graphic design team
  • Creative banner designs that generate optimum responses
  • Customized to your specifications
  • Animated banners optimized for loading speed

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Customer Comments

A reader from wdc, 07/09/98
I found this book to be excellent for the novice/ a must buy
This is a perfect purchase for the person learning about the internet and the need for advertising. Easy reading and very simple to comprehend so even the most fearful person of technology could enjoy. from Brighton, U.K., 11/13/97
Packed with knowledge, up to date. An essential guide.
This book from start to finish explains clearly what the web is about for an advertisers point of view. It tells you everything about banner ads you never knew before, and explains what is beyond the banner. I have read many books on this subject, and I must say this has not left anything out. If you are going to advertise.htm on the web you will be foolish not to look at this first. from Chicago, IL, 08/16/97
The Perfect New Book for Advertisers / Clients
I am very impressed, and I must confess; I have not finished every chapter of this book yet. But, I can truly attest to the usefullness of this book even now (75% read). This book will probably get the kind of attention that Steve Okeefe's great book 

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