Todd was selected as one of the Artists for the Kunamokst West Coast Mural Mosaic to be unveiled at the 2011 Winter Olympics in West Vancouver, British Columbia. Todd has completed his panel and you can see his panel #18 at www.muralmosaic.com/kunamokst.html, You may also purchase a print and other objects of this image at the website for this production.


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Love Doves
created for the Peace Federation of Canada 86"  Sold out.

 Canadian Goose by Todd Baker

Canadian Goose, Sold out

A goose couple husband and wife used to live at a lake, one a day a hunter came and attacked the couple. The couple both together tried to escape, but the male was caught and killed by the hunter, the female fled south, she missed her loved one so much, to pay homage to her late husband, she fly's back to the same lake every year.

I drew spirits in the wings of the goose/swan to represent the new growth at the lake, they are my "growing spirits", because when she comes back, she brings new growth to the territory.


Thunderbird by Todd Baker Copywrite 2008

Limited Edition 1986 print
Sold out

red cedar doors Red cedar doors done for a private client
bear in the city image

'Ravens Gift'

was second highest price paid for a Komode bear during the charity online auction, all proceeds going to the Lions children foundation. The raven is incorporated into the design on the back.

artist statement

Haida legend has it, the land was once all ice, and the creatures of the land were cold and tired of all the white ice and wanted the lands to be full of tree's and sustenance, berry's, salmon, etc. The creator (The Raven) said to the beings of the land, I will make the lands lush, but i will also create a white bear to remind you to give thanks to the gifts i give you, the bear is white to remind you the land was once white and cold, with this the Komode bear was created, and in my Komode bear i have incorporated the raven in the design, and in the design the raven's wings are wrapped around the body to appear to be dropping the bear from his wings, you see the wings on both side of the belly.




'bears in the city' image


The 2nd bear (Pan Pacific) was completed as a white bear on black negative space, much more of a challenge for design elements but the black RAVEN naturally  appeared out of the negative space.

My Kamode bear done for the Lions Society


Kamode bear


Nude Figure Drawing
nude figure drawings





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