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Aboriginal Canadian Singer Rose Beach Joins NARIA



Tokyo-based Aboriginal Canadian artist Rose Beach announced that she has been admitted as a member in the National Aboriginal Recording Industry Association. NARIA is a national Aboriginal association of professional Aboriginal music artists, associated music business people, and service providers.

Rose Beach, whose blend of folk music tale spinning, hip hop energy and pop sensibility she labels “fusion pop,” stands to set things to right on her CD Family Love by showing love in it's true light, as a force that is our life line.

Born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and raised primarily in Saskatchewan by a strong, loving and musically inclined mother of Canadian aboriginal ancestry and a farmer stepfather with a love of country music, she had the dream of music early in life. "The world view that pumps through her music comes from her family and her native culture and is one where pain, abuse and oppression are countered by kindness and integrity and positive use of the force," noted music reviewer Mark Kirby.

When asked on how her mother's experiences influenced her music, she responded "My grandmother, my great-grandmother and their generation suffered atrocities. My mother experienced racism. Their experiences made me want the dream (of achievement) all the more. The native youth are strong survivors and we are proud of our ancestry and our ancestors' legacy. Always positively through negativity, which is the message of my CD, "Family Love.”

Starting in the underground streets of Vancouver and Tokyo, Rose Beach is rising into the musical mainstream in Japan where she has sold more than 50,000 records and performs weekly at many of Tokyo's famous clubs such as Club Asia, as well as corporate events for brand names ranging from Lush and Diesel to Asahi and Mac. "It's not often that a foreigner can rock the club scene in Japan, but that is what Canadian singer-songwriter Rose Beach is doing," noted the Hiragana Times.

In addition to her heavy independent CD sales, Rose Beach has been interviewed and received heavy airplay on Co-op Radio in her home base of Vancouver. She has also been interviewed and played on Inter-FM Radio in Tokyo.

Rose Beach is a member of the MusicDish Network, a complete artist development program, leveraging brand development, saturated and relationship marketing, digital distribution and industry outreach to support emerging artists' and bands' careers.

"Blood Red Earth" by Inuk singer/songwriter Susan Aglukark in stores now!
Harmony in Institute and English languages from Aboriginal role model

Blood Red Earth (2006)                                         
Susan Aglukark

Susan Aglukark - Blood Red Earth Susan Aglukark's newest independent release, Blood Red Earth, is arguably her most personal and reflective album to date.  Capturing stories from her ongoing travels to Northern and remote communities, and echoing people's hopes and expectations for a future that burns brightly, Blood Red Earth is a tribute to the power of one's own vision and voice.
Blood Red Earth hit the shelves August 22nd, 2006. It is available for purchase or order at most music stores (HMV, Sunrise, Sam's Club, Indigo, Costco, and many more!!).  Coming soon - order online with Pay PalŪ at
The first single, I Will Return is on the air now. Watch for the music video on CMT and call your local radio stations to request it!
Blood Red Earth was produced by Chad Irschick, and was recorded and mixed at Inception Sound Studios in Toronto.
Susan Aglukark: Native Artist, speaker, singer, activist and role model for Aboriginal Youth
After her last release, Big Feeling (EMI, 2003), which garnered her a Juno award and once again proved her staying power in the Canadian music industry, Susan Aglukark set out to carve her own path.  Her newest album, Blood Red Earth, is an independent release containing some of her most intimate stories that resonate for listeners through both lyric and music. Susan speaks of Blood Red Earth as being a turning point.  She was able to lay out all of her own ideas, work with other artists who could help her flesh them out into song, and let listeners know that she has something to say.  Susan says this album is "like reaching that next level of liberation." 
Susan's albums Arctic Rose, Christmas, This Child, Unsung Heroes and Big Feeling have sold over 400,000 copies in Canada to date.  Blood Red Earth is already starting a stir and has received four Canadian Aboriginal Music Award nominations!  Susan has her sights set on touring her new album and the continuation of her activist work. She says she never strays far from her roots or the people of Arctic Canada where she grew up; her ultimate message, "to learn to be yourself and believe in that person" reaches much further and touches all people everywhere.
To find out when you can catch Susan performing in your town, visit for her tour & concert calendar, and contact & booking information. 
Susan loves to hear from her fans! To write to Susan or to join her fan club and receive quarterly updates on Susan's career, email fan today!
Enter to win a copy of Blood Red Earth through Red WAY BC News. (Details below)
Media inquiries contact:
Nanci Malek, Publicist
p. (416) 516-4496


Flax Gold Records in cooperation with DGP is very proud to announce the release of the much awaited CD titled "Uncivilized" from Darren Geffre. This CD is being released into the Native American Market on August 18th. A special pre-release copy is available online now at

Darren is kicking this CD off with a CD Release Party on August 15th, 2003 at the Santa Ana Star Casino in Albuqeruque, NM, with special guests: Bill Street Blues Band and Jake Miller. The show starts at 7 pm and is an all ages show. This is one party you won't want to miss!!

Peace and Love,

DGP - Darren Geffre Promotions

Visit Darren Geffre Online at

Spirit Nation

Biography: Blending modern, ambient rhythms with traditional Native American ...

Winter Moons
Spirit Nation

Release Date: 10/23/2001
Genre: World

Label: Razor & Tie Music

You'll need RealAudio Player to play sound clips.
1. Ododaymiwan (Animal Clans) 5:03 (Spirit Nation)
2. All My Relations 5:16 (Spirit Nation)
3. We Are Still Here 6:32 (Spirit Nation)
4. Pishaan (Come to Me) 5:04 (Spirit Nation)
5. Spirit Medicine 5:15 (Spirit Nation)
6. Iroquoian Sky Woman 6:41 (Spirit Nation)
7. Seven Gifts 5:18 (Spirit Nation)
8. Now and Always 5:49 (Spirit Nation)
9. Winter Moons 5:41 (Spirit Nation)
10. Ahsayma (Tobacco) 5:40 (Spirit Nation)
11. Tipikan (Lullaby) 2:41 (Spirit Nation)




Channel Eau Communications Seeking Submissions for BC Island Music CD Compilation Project

The Project:

In 2002, local CD label Channel Eau Communications ( will be releasing a 2 CD compilation that showcases the diverse wealth and scope of music made by island dwelling, British Columbian musicians to the world.

To that end, Channel Eau is inviting all British Columbia island based recording artists to participate in this unique opportunity.


The artist(s) must reside on an island in British Columbia.

Only finished quality material submitted on CD will be considered.

Any and all styles of music (including alternative, hard rock, metal and pop) are welcome and encouraged.

Precedence will be given to original material (though exceptions may be made for the repertoires of traditionalists, such as folk, classical artists and ensembles, etc.).

The Submission Fee is $20 (non-refundable) and guarantees that your music will be considered for inclusion in the project.

The Submission Fee covers the review of 1 CD (non-returnable) whether it contains one composition, or several, therefore It is in the best interests of the artist(s) to include several compositions on the CD submitted.

All paid submissions will be carefully listened to (several times) by a panel of professional producers, engineers and artists.

For complete information, please visit Channel Eau's WebSite: or Email:

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