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Size11 inches by 8 by 4


Lionel samuels haida sculptor in argillite Lionel was born in queen charlotte city in 1963.
He is of the raven clan and his crest is the 3 finned killer whale.Lionel spent his formative years in masset
on haida qwaii.his family is originally from kiusta, and.his great great grandfather Ottowaas was the owner of Hippa
Island.Ottowaas was also known as captain Andrew brown. Andrew brown built the first
motorized boat on the islands.and, he was a prolific carver in argillite. He often came toVictoria
where he would sell his pieces.Lionel mentored at an early age with George Yeltatzie Terry Yeltatzie,
and Claude Davidson. His work today is characterized by its fluidity,
movement and delicacy of design.of particular note are his exquisite panel pipes which are
usable in pipe ceremonys. Lionel resides in Victoria b.c.

He may be contacted at 1 250 595 3725 or


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